A street based outreach in Lansing, Michigan.

We rebuild and restore faith in humanity through innovative ideas, programs and events with the main goal of involving the community in REAL change for people that are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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Each year our founder, Mike Karl, goes homeless for one week to bring awareness to homelessness. He will show you real stories and faces of people struggling on the streets and gives the community a REAL way to help and see results.

Last year 52 men, women and children were found right here in our community and housed at the homeless hotel during his week of homelessness that was broadcasted LIVE on the Internet.

We invite YOU to join us and please share with your friends and family! We will have many events and opportunities for you to help us end homelessness, plus information and stats to help bring awareness.


Homeless Angels Statistics

 On any given night, 1000 kids are left unsheltered. There are currently a total of 4500 homeless in Lansing.

total number of emergency shelters
total families helped with food
total diapers provided
number of children helped
home owners created
total clothing vouchers
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