Notice: Our NEW hotel Program is in the opening phase PLEASE call 844-imhomeless for more information


Need Shelter?


  • Homeless ID ( service point ID from the volunteers of America )
  • Phone Intake 844-IMHOMELESS ( call our intake line daily between 10am and 6pm for availability )
  • Must seek shelter ( the federal and state government has grants available for those who seek shelter before and while in the program )

The Community Funded Hotel Program

More and more children, families and veterans are finding themselves without a steady home in cities all across America.  Our community is no different.  There are children sleeping in cars who have no place to lay their heads.   There are families living in tents who have no place to call their own.  There were 42,000 veterans that slept in parking garages and underneath bridges on the street last year.

The Homeless Angels, a Street based Outreach, founded the Hotel Program in late 2013.   It provides REAL change for people that are homeless.  The Community Funded Hotel Program is the ONLY hotel program in the United States that allows the general public to pay for those in need with no other place to go.  It helps provide not only a safe haven, but also helps them transition to permanent housing with onsite advocacy.

For just $28, someone who has nowhere to go, now has a warm, dry bed, a place to shower and an opportunity to get assistance in finding a permanent place to call home.

Donating to the Program is EASY!

  1. You can write a check or send a money order to:
    Homeless Angels
    118 W. Grand River Ave,
    Williamston, MI, 48895
  2. You can call the Burkewood Inn at 517-487-9119 and put a room credit in the Homeless Angels name.

NO donation is too small, and every donation is greatly appreciated!!
100% of all donations go directly to assist the homeless.